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If you’ve found your way here, I’ll assume you are looking for some information about psychotherapy, searching for a particular kind of psychotherapist or both. It’s always wise to do some research to assist you in making your best choice. There has never been such a vast array of therapeutic approaches being offered and I think it may be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are new to therapy and are attempting to sort through all the options.

Let me share with you some of what I’m offering as a psychotherapist. Firstly, I define myself as a ‘client centered’ therapist. By that I mean I seek to create an open, supportive, caring and boundaried alliance with a client in order to facilitate their process of self-discovery. One of my mentor’s, Dr. Bill Smukler said, “A human being is far more than any one system of therapy”, and I agree with him completely. Therapy, as I see it needs to formulate around a client's needs rather than a client having to surrender to a particular therapeutic structure. Because of that, I practice psychotherapy from many different perspectives and offer an eclectic approach to a client’s life challenges to mind, body, emotion and spirit. The therapeutic modalities that I offer include: 

-Cognitive Therapy 
-Primal Integration Therapy 
-Expressive Arts Therapy 
-Gestalt Therapy 
-Jungian Sandplay Therapy 

Psychotherapy seeks to shine its light into the darkness of our deepest traumas and bring healing and balance to our dysfunctional parts, and I think it’s also a wonderful medium of initiation into the self. It invites us to answer the question, “ Who am I?” With this in mind, I offer an “Invitation to Therapy.”

Michael Hoyland-Young M.A.

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